No matter what corner of Oregon you call home. No matter where in this country or across the globe you live, work or play. Wherever you are, you will find Beaver Nation. A Nation that makes people healthier and communities stronger. A Nation of do what you love, push up your sleeves, make the world better.

These are stories of the people, the places, the landscapes, the dreamers and doers of Beaver Nation. Your Nation.


Featured stories from Beaver Nation:

Innovation in motion

Oregon State researchers have developed ATRIAS — the world’s first robot that accurately replicates two-legged walking dynamics. It could lead the way to agile, efficient robots for household tasks, emergency response and other missions.

Beaver Nation takes care of the ocean

Oregon State University has launched a Marine Studies Initiative, a new model to address emerging issues and challenges facing Oregon and the globe.

The artist behind the movies

A multiple award-winning production designer who’s helped create several memorable characters at Pixar Studios, Harley Jessup ’76 still uses the dedication and skills he honed at Oregon State.