ATRIAS is a series of prototype human-scale bipedal robots designed and built by the Oregon State University Dynamic Robotics Laboratory. They are designed to test and demonstrate theoretical concepts for efficient and agile locomotion, ultimately aiming for walking and running outside in rough terrain.

“ATRIAS is an acronym for Assume The Robot Is A Sphere. This represents our philosophy for designing ATRIAS, to make it as close to a simple spring-mass system as we can.”
— Jonathan Hurst | Associate Professor, Robotics


  • Jonathan Hurst | Associate Professor, Robotics & Director, Dynamic Robotics Lab
  • Andy Abate | Ph.D. student, Robotics, Mechanical Design
  • Mikhail Jones | M.S. Mechanical Engineering ’14, Robot Control
  • Christian Hubicki | Ph.D. Robotics ’15, Biomechanics, ATRIAS demonstration design
  • Andrew Peekema | M.S. Robotics ’15, Controls and electrical systems
  • Ryan Van Why | Undergraduate research assistant, Mathematics, Inertial measurement and low-level software
  • Ryan Domres | Undergraduate research assistant, EECS, Electronics and low-level software
  • Siavash Rezazadeh | Postdoctoral Scholar, Robot control