You probably think you’re a big Oregon State fan.

The truth is, you’re just an imposter. Oh, you never miss a home sporting event? Thanks for your support, but that won’t get you a free pass. You thought that organic chemistry midterm was hard? Don’t care.

On this test, if you miss one question, you lose. Back to the beginning, don’t pass go, start over.

This is your final exam. Mastery of athletic, academic and historical trivia is required. Pull out your notes, sharpen your No. 2 Ticonderoga and dig in. Glory awaits those who advance. Disappointment will come to those who are not worthy.

1. Who is Oregon State's dearly-beloved mascot?

  1. Bob Frog
  2. Susie Squirrel
  3. Theo Badger
  4. Benny Beaver

2. In what year was Oregon State University founded? Back then it was Corvallis College.

  1. 1860
  2. 1864
  3. 1868
  4. 1872

3. This person was a 1972 Oregon State graduate. He is an Olympic gold medal winner and revolutionized the sport of high jumping by developing a new technique that is still the predominant style today. Who is he?

  1. Fred Wolfram
  2. Steve Johnson
  3. Richard Fosbury
  4. Jacoby Ellsbury

4. Which of these companies did Oregon State alumnus Bernie Newcomb found?

  1. E*Trade
  2. Yahoo
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings
  4. Sports Authority

5. Terry Baker is the only athlete in Oregon State history to win this award.

  1. The Triwizard Cup
  2. The Heisman Trophy
  3. The Stanley Cup
  4. Medal of Honor

6. One of the greatest American scientists to ever live earned an Oregon State degree in 1922. He is the only person to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes. Who is he?

  1. Stephen Hawking
  2. Isaac Asimov
  3. Linus Pauling
  4. Perry Jones

7. Peggy Cherng earned a B.S. in applied mathematics from Oregon State and went on to found a successful fast food restaurant chain in 1983. With over 1,700 locations, what is that fast food restaurant?

  1. Sonic
  2. Baja Fresh
  3. Togo’s
  4. Panda Express

8. After earning a degree in electrical engineering in 1948, Douglas Engelbart developed numerous new technologies and concepts. But what was his most notable invention?

  1. Computer Mouse
  2. Portable CD player
  3. Wireless phone
  4. Gaming console

9. Stacy Allison is a 1984 alumna and is credited as the first American woman to ____________.

  1. Summit Mount Everest
  2. Swim the English Channel
  3. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  4. Ride a motorcycle over 200 mph

10. Alumnus Harley Jessup is an Emmy- and Oscar-winning animator currently working at Pixar. Which of these box office hits did he work on?

  1. Monsters, Inc
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Toy Story 2
  4. Up
  5. All of the above

11. This culinary icon graduated from Oregon State with a degree in food and nutrition.

  1. Martha Stewart
  2. Rachel Ray
  3. Betty Crocker
  4. Paula Deen

12. The Oregon State University baseball team won back-to-back College World Series in what years?

  1. 2001 and 2002
  2. 2004 and 2005
  3. 2005 and 2006
  4. 2006 and 2007

13. How much, per term, did the first graduating class of Corvallis College pay in 1870?

  1. $1
  2. $10
  3. $22
  4. $100

14. In 2015, sophomore (yes, sophomore) Sydney Wiese set the record for most three-pointers made in a career for Oregon State women's basketball. How many has she made?

  1. 197
  2. 204
  3. 207
  4. 211

15. In 1893, fans cheered for a very different character. What is considered to be Oregon State’s first mascot?

  1. Jimmie Coyote
  2. Kiki Tigress
  3. A pet bullfrog
  4. Lumberjack John

16. In 1873, you received anywhere from five to 25 demerits for this activity. Once you reached 100 demerits you were expelled.

  1. Not attending a home football game
  2. Having a conversation with the opposite sex while on campus
  3. Sleeping in the Memorial Union
  4. Skipping class

17. Flags hang in the Memorial Union concourse. They represent the countries of every student who has attended Oregon State. Roughly how many flags hang there today?

  1. 180
  2. 120
  3. 310
  4. 95

18. Incredible trees have stood watch over generations of students, a great hallmark of Oregon State’s beautiful campus. One tree is held in higher regard. Originally a Gray Poplar planted in the 1880’s, this tree got its name because young couples would rondezvous under its branches. Can you name this iconic tree?

  1. The Kissing Tree
  2. The Tree of Love
  3. The Trysting Tree
  4. The Dirty Poplar

19. In addition to winning the Heisman Trophy, Terry Baker is the only other two-sport athlete in NCAA history to accomplish this feat.

  1. Go to the College World Series for baseball
  2. Win a national championship in wrestling
  3. Play in the NCAA basketball Final Four
  4. Was a member of a national championship crew team

20. The OSU Marching Band is known as the spirit and sound of OSU. It is the oldest marching band in the Pac-12. What year was it established?

  1. 1890
  2. 1963
  3. 1855
  4. 1910

22. Oregon State alumnus Jen-Hsun Huang founded which high-tech company?

  1. Intel
  3. Sun Microsystems
  4. Samsung

23. In what calendar year did the Oregon State football team defeat Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl?

  1. 1999
  2. 2000
  3. 2001
  4. 2002

24. Who was the first official president of Oregon State University?

  1. William Jasper Kerr
  2. Benjamin L. Arnold
  3. John M. Bloss
  4. William A. Finley

25. Who holds the record for most passing yards in a career for the Oregon State football team, also a Pac-12 record?

  1. Derek Anderson
  2. Sean Mannion
  3. Matt Moore
  4. Terry Baker

26. Oregon State's school colors are orange and black, but before the mid 1880's, the school's official color was __________.

  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Gold
  4. Red

27. Governor Mark O. Hatfield signed legislation changing the institution’s name from Oregon State College to Oregon State University in what year?

  1. 1947
  2. 1961
  3. 1953
  4. 1964

28. Carol Menken-Schaudt was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1993 and won a gold medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics. What sport did she dominate during her career?

  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Track and Field
  4. Swimming

29. In 1870, there were three students in the first graduating class of Oregon State University, then called Corvallis College. A statue outside the northeast corner of the Memorial Union honors one of the students. Who is she?

  1. Alice Biddle
  2. Beth Stevens
  3. Martha Holt
  4. Jean Weatherford

30. He is one of the most decorated basketball players in Oregon State history. Sports Illustrated, the U. S. Army Reserve and the Pac-10 named him Player of the Year in 1990. He was a consensus All-American in 1990, three-time All-Pac-10 selection and tabbed the conference's 1987 Freshman of the Year. He also was named to the Pac-10's All-Decade Team. Who is he?

  1. A.C. Green
  2. Gary Payton
  3. Clyde Drexler
  4. Brent Barry

31. It used to be a tradition for freshmen to show loyalty to their class by doing what?

  1. Skinny dip in the Langton Hall swimming pool
  2. Wearing a green cap or ribbon the whole year
  3. Eating nothing but kale and beets for the first month of the term
  4. Marching around campus yelling that they strongly disliked the University of Oregon

32. What is the title of the Oregon State alma mater song written by W. Homer Maris?

  1. Ode to Beaver
  2. Go Beavers Go
  3. Carry Me Back
  4. OSU the Beautiful

33. At the time of his retirement in 1989, he was the sixth-winningest coach in Division I history with 674 wins. He led Oregon State to four Pac-10 titles, eight NCAA tournament appearances, three NIT appearances, and led five teams that were ranked in the top 10. Name that coaching legend.

  1. Amory "Slats" Gill
  2. Dee Andros
  3. Ralph Miller
  4. Paul Valenti

34. Brothers Mike and Brian both graduated with degrees from Oregon Statein political science, but they had other ventures in their destiny. Today, they own and manage more than 50 pubs, hotels, movie theatres, breweries and coffee roasters. What popular Oregon company did these brothers start in 1983?

  1. The Peacock Bar and Grill
  2. McMenamins
  3. Dutch Brothers
  4. Voodoo Donuts

35. What year did Oregon State football win the Rose Bowl?

  1. 1942
  2. 1956
  3. 1964
  4. 1967

36. This influential alumna was the first African American to graduate from Oregon Agricultural College, earning a Bachelor of Science in Commerce in 1926. She has a residence hall named after her. Her name?

  1. Carrie Beatrice Halsell
  2. Jean Weatherford
  3. Serena Hawley
  4. Mary Sackett

37. What year did the Oregon State football team defeat the USC Trojans, breaking their 38-game winning streak?

  1. 2008
  2. 2005
  3. 2006
  4. 2007

38. Who is the current President of Oregon State University? A wrong answer reduces academic standing. Just kidding!

  1. Gary Anderson
  2. Sabah Randhawa
  3. Ed Ray
  4. Mike Riley

39. The homecoming bonfire is one of the oldest traditions at Oregon State. The tallest bonfires were during the 1930’s when the fire reached what staggering height?

  1. 50ft
  2. 60ft
  3. 70ft
  4. 100ft

40. When using your body to spell out O-S-U at sporting events, which arm do you raise to make the 'S'?

  1. You don't use your arms; it’s tradition to use your legs
  2. Right arm
  3. Left arm
  4. Both arms

41. The first Oregon State library was a 25-square-foot room in which building?

  1. Kidder Hall
  2. Memorial Union
  3. Waldo Hall
  4. Benton Hall

42. The Oregon State ROTC was formed in 1916 and is one of only 33 college programs in the country to _________.

  1. Let students practice with live ammunition
  2. Serve all branches of the military
  3. Have an armory full of tanks
  4. Require all students to go through mandatory ROTC training

43. In the 1860, Corvallis had a population of how many people?

  1. 205
  2. 317
  3. 620
  4. 957

44. The fourth floor of this unique building is rumored to be haunted.

  1. Milam Hall
  2. Waldo Hall
  3. Valley Library
  4. Fairbanks Hall

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