Southern Oregon is a land with an independent streak as unruly and bold as the waters that surge toward the sea: the Rogue, Klamath and Umpqua Rivers shape the region’s forests and mountains, which in turn draw curious and inspired people to this special place.

The people who once tried to carve out their own State of Jefferson now work to build something new out of the raw materials that the land provides or fight to protect its wildness. And on any given day you’ll find them riding the rapids, contemplating a quiet stream or working to negotiate the scarcity of water.

You don’t stumble into Southern Oregon. You have to go out of your way to find it. But once you do, you may never want to leave.


Crash Courses

Rebecca Brooksher

Rebecca Brooksher didn’t want to leave her Klamath Falls home to attend college. As a mom, a member of the Basin Bombers roller derby team and connected member of her community, staying in Southern Oregon is part of who she is. So she brought college to her via OSU’s Open Campus.


Restless Spirit

“Crazy” Pete Newport

Entrepreneur Pete Newport enjoyed an early retirement traveling the world, but his restlessness drew him to Rogue River country where he now lives with his family above a paddle and oar factory, with plans to build the company into the engine of a world-class tourist destination.


Basin in Balance

Willie Riggs

Willie Riggs works tirelessly to balance the interests of tribes, conservationists, farmers, ranchers and fisherman as they share precious water resources on the dry side of the mountains.


Home Waters

Jack Williams

Jack Williams came to Oregon to study a rare species of fish. Now he travels the country to protect river systems and habitats for threatened species of trout. And one of the habitats he’s worked to preserve is his home waters of Jenny Creek in the Siskiyou Mountains.