One afternoon in Geneva, Switzerland, Ana Bienvenida found herself walking along an old, cobblestone road staring up at the mountains and the lake. So far from home, she found herself overtaken with gratitude, and she knew she was on the right path.

Studying abroad was the highlight of Ana’s undergraduate experience at Oregon State. While studying general science and international studies, Ana was able to attend a 10-week training program where she shadowed World Health Organization workers and heard lectures from United Nations leaders. She also traveled to a rural area of Morocco, and experienced the generosity of the local people there and learned about their lack of health care options.

This experience inspired her to apply to pharmacy school at Oregon State, where she’s finishing up her first year.

“The international setting really opened my eyes to the opportunities that pharmacy has to offer, not just in a hospital setting, but also in global health.”

Ana’s story began internationally as well. Her mother is originally from the Philippines, and the family spent 30 years in Canada before making their way to Oregon when Ana was young. She attended French immersion school and finished high school in Beaverton and chose Oregon State for it’s strong science program.

“Oregon State has given me options,” Ana says. “My teachers have been so supportive.”

She says her international degree helps her stand out from her pharmacy classmates, many of whom have already worked as pharmacy techs, and are already engrossed in their study of the industry.

Ana says she may want to attend law school after she’s finished with pharmacy school. One thing is for sure, though, she wants to get out of Oregon.

“I’ve been in Corvallis for six years,” she says, “And I kind of want to spread my wings, so to speak. I think I may want to go to the East Coast and work or go to law school so I can use my pharmacy degree and a law degree to enact policy.”

Ana Maria Bienvenida

Ana Maria Bienvenida '14
College of Science, General Science / International Studies
College of Pharmacy, expected Pharm.D., '18